Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small Stuff...

So the past few months have been quite challenging emotionally.  When I look back and try to analyze why, it all boils down to ME sweating the SMALL stuff.  Those unimportant, uncontrollable, mundane happenings of everyday life that tend to get in the way of truly living.  So as I struggle to find enough money, time, energy, patience, achieve the objectives set before me, I also struggle to stay centered and calm. Enter the LuRong Paleo Challenge.  I am hoping as I concentrate on taking care of my physical body the needs of my emotional and spiritual self will be met as well.  My goal is to take some time each day to be calm, to center myself with some kind of study and prayer/meditation to center myself and recharge.  This is the one area of my life that is lacking.  I work, work out, and try to eat well.  I am even managing to maintain close friendships, intimacy with my husband and a good social network.

My spiritual life is lacking and I can directly attribute it to the fact that I gave up church about four years ago. Now before you get all judgmental on me, I said I gave up church.  I did NOT give up God.  Yes you can have God without having church, one just has to work harder.  Be truly dedicated to spending time daily in prayer and study.  Dedicated to meeting with the Lord daily and listening to and communing with Him.  So I am declaring here in print that I am making this commitment.  The commitment to better physical, emotional, and spiritual health beginning with the LuRong Paleo challenge.  I am told that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit (and break old ones), so I am hoping by the end of the challenge these things will no longer be a challenge but just a way of life.  I will be honest, this declaration scares me.  I am now committed and must follow through.  I will probably be referring to this post many times over the next eight weeks to remind myself of the commitment I have made and to stick to it.

Here's hoping I see you on the run...

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