Monday, February 1, 2010


Ok my Diva side came out this weekend.  You see my daughter had her first formal dance of her high school career Saturday night.  The event is "Pride Prom".  She is a member of her schools dance team (Panther Pride) and every winter the booster club puts on a sem-formal dance/casino party.  This is great fun and we were excited!  I spent Friday evening helping set up and decorating the venue.

Of course we bought the dress and shoes several months ago so Saturday was reserved for "gilding the lily" because she is already incredibly naturally beautiful (even though she doesn’t think so)!  We went for mani-pedi’s in the morning then her best friend came over to do her hair.  This consisted of curling her already naturally curly hair! LOL! Then to the beauty supply store for hair accessories then makeup and finally she got dressed. This process began at 11:30 and by 4:45 she was absolutely gorgeous! Of course I am slightly biased but everyone else thought so too. Wilson arrived just a little early and had to wait about five minutes but I think he thought it was worth it…here is the cute couple and a few of their friends.

Pride Prom 2010
Kait & Wilson

...a few of their friends...

This looks like an ad in Seventeen Prom issue! We are blessed to have a burgeoning photographer among the parents…she takes amazing photos. This is good for me since I am photographically challenged and one out of every three pictures I take is blurred or someone is cropped somewhere!

In my opinion they were the cutest couple of the group! Definitely the couple with the most personality! What a fun night. The kids posed for photos, ate dinner, and gambled the night away at the Casino night party. Needless to say Mom had a great time. My baby is growing up…ain’t life grand! Until later…hope to see you on the run…

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