Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the Road Again...

Well I'm back.  Since hurting my knee at Warrior practice on the 16th, I decided to take about a week off from training.  Or rather my knee decided I would take a break.  When one is accustomed to working out every day taking an extended period of time off is very difficult.  You see making a conscience decision to skip out on training is different than being forced to.  Consequently I get a little cranky and on edge...sorry Ronnie!

You see working out is my stress reliever and my source of socialization.  Most of my friendships revolve our different running and boot camp groups.  So not working out kept me out of the loop so to speak.  It is also my way of blowing off steam after a stresful day at work.  I tried working out at home but it is not the same.  You see I am essentially lazy so if someone isn't pushing me to run faster, use a heavier weight or hold that plank just a little longer I will just stop.  Consequently I built up a knot between my shoulder blades that is making it difficult to turn my head to the right.  Working has relieved the majority of that to con Ronnie into massaging the rest away!

Anyhoo...the return to working out has been slow.  I did a 15 mile bike ride Sunday while the rest of the group did the long run...that was fun and just what I needed.  Then Monday I returned to Boot Camp, Tuesday I did the 5:30 AM three mile run followed by Boot Camp that evening and to say I was tired is an understatement!  You see after just one week my body became accustmed to sleeping in to 6:30 and by lunch time was ready for a nap!  I slept in on Wednesday but ran the trail with the group that evening.  I have lost so much cardio fitness it is frustrating!  I know it will come back but I want it now (there is the 3 yr. old I told you about)!  I slept in again this morning...I'm just finding my body is requiring more rest or I'm just lazy you decide!  Oh well...maybe I'll see you on the run...

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